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Tunics! is a roguelike-like adventure game based of the look and mechanics of The legend of Zelda – A link to the past for SNES.

It's a tier-based action RPG where the player progresses through randomly generated and increasingly difficult dungeons.

It's made for the Solarus game engine. See more at https://solarus-games.org..


Hyrule is at peace, princess Zelda is safe, there are no supervillains running amok but our hero has found himself in the unfortunate situation of having fallen down a hole and now he needs to get out. The only way out is through the dungeons.

Concept and gameplay

Starting with basically nothing the player progresses through several tiers of dungeons with increasing difficulty. Each tier will present new challenges and the player will need to use familiar skills and items from Zelda games, acquired through the quest to progress.

Each new tier is randomly generated and each play-through will fell unique. For each dungeon, the following elements will be random, some purely computationally, others from a vast database of components:

The game uses permadeath, meaning the player will have to start over on dying.

A full playthrough will last about 30-40 minutes but the player can choose to continue beyond the final tier. Things will get increasingly hard but there may be rewards in the deeper dungeons.

Tunics! will give you a new, unique Zelda adventure whenever you want it.


The packages below contain the Solarus engine and the Tunics! game files. Just unzip and play by running the Solarus application.

At the moment we are only supplying complete packages for Windows. Tunics! releases can still be downloaded and run on other systems from our project repository but the game engine needs to be downloaded and installed from https://solarus-games.org


Version 0.3
Latest release
Verison 0.2
Version 0.1
First public release


Controls work fairly intutitive with configured game controllers. Keyboard controls are as follows.

Keybord controls legend


Directional keys
Move Link
Spacebar & Enter
Action / Interact
S key
Swing your sword
W key
Access inventory screen
A & D keys
Use items. Assign to keys in inventory.
Access map
Esc key
Pause menu


Directional keys
Move cursor
Spacebar & Enter
Esc key


Cycle filters
Toggle fullscreen


Development and design of the game is headed by Mattias Päivärinta and Jan Sandström, and with considerable contributions from Thomas Kwarnmark.

We forsee no furhter development of this game but have instead started a project to try to build on the idea in a completely new game with our own assets built with gamemaker studio.where to pickup up when we feel like it. If you want follow us on this join our discord: https://discord.gg/NMtwbyVN and check out the new repository at https://github.com/Legofarmen/tunics-gms.

Acknowledgement and credits


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First impressions and let's play of Tunics! by Christopho (in french).

License and legal

Tunics! consists in part of materials under various free and open-source and public licenses, and in part of unlicensed materials, mostly from Zelda games, under fair use. See license.txt for details.

The content of this site is licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0.